Beysus is having a Beybehyonce!

That was the buzz swirling ’round MTV black’s carpet all night hours before Beyonce took to the stage following Britney‘s tribute/extended intro to Beyonce’s performance.

Sure enough, Beyonce strutted onto the stage to deliver a killer ’70’s-inspired performance of “Love on Top,” one of the many feel-good vintage ditties off of her latest studio album 4. Backed by six equally glittering gals, the legendary vocalist gave a pitch-perfect performance of the song, working the entirety of the space-age VMA stage while beaming the entire time.

But the best part came at the song’s end: As the final note of the song faded away, Bey suddenly dropped the microphone and–in a split-second–unfastened her sequined jacket to reveal her now ever-so-slightly extended stomach, proudly rubbing the baby bump while smiling and nodding knowingly as the crowd howled in approval. A mayjah moment! (Oddly enough, this is the same finishing move I like to deliver upon eating an entire sleeve of Oreos, though I don’t think it’s had nearly the same effect as far as acquiring suitors/baby-makers.)

Congratulations on a stellar performance, Bey! And even more, congratulations for the Destiny’s Child on the way!