Garbage are coming back with power, power!

On Monday, the band tweeted a photo of the divine, flaw-free Miss Shirley Manson in a recording booth with the skin-tingling caption: “Three more weeks to go………”

But…three weeks what? Until a single? A tour announcement? An album release date?! Then, taking to Twitter, the band cleared up the confusion:

Hi everybody, just to be clear- we have about three more weeks of recording left to finish the album- then mixing, then mastering, etc..And we can’t wait for you to hear it! But it’s still going to take some time… We’ll tell you what’s going on right here…

Finishing the new album! Yes! Amazing!

Just minutes ago, the band-members decided to get sneaky again and upload a (slightly nauseating) 13-second spin ’round the studio set to the sound new music on their Facebook page, and from what we can hear in the sparse few seconds…it sounds fucking AMAZING.

Crashing drums, guitars and ruthlessly searing electronica–and we haven’t even heard Miss Manson’s vocals yet! Gagging.

Can’t they just release the full clip? I’m dying! I don’t know who’s behind Garbage’s Facebook page, but I say: PUSH IT. Make the beats go HARDER! In the meantime, let’s relish in this remembrance of what we’re waiting on below…

So amazing.