Okay, so watching Lady Gaga waxing jazzy while playing “You & I” for her first 2011 VMA promos didn’t do much to get my rocks off, but her latest promo–which premiered during tonight’s Jersey Shore–is nothing short of hot, haute, hot!

Set to the tune of “Government Hooker” and “Heavy Metal Lover” (my two favorite tracks off of Born This Way, no less!), the clip finds the snarling vixen doing a bit of a mini-career retrospective at first: Going from button-up geek (Fame era Gaga with that lightning bolt!) to studded leather Born This Way chic after a brief seven seconds in Heaven (with Satan, I must assume).

From there on, Gaga gets her glam roaring full speed ahead in this unforgivably filthy romp filled with blood, fire and foot-high stilettos…oh, and a snatched weave in hand of course!

And just as with Brit Brit‘s phenomenal VMA promo, there appear to be some artistic comparisons drawn: Is that a clipping of pop art icon Andy Warhol laid on top of Miss Gagz? I think so! Ever the humble artiste, that one.

Me likey, me likey Mademoiselle Germanotta! I just wish there were an actual dirty pony getting hosed down, you know? Oh well. Can’t have everything…


The MTV VMAs will air this Sunday, August 28.