Last month, I introduuced green-haired, angel-voiced pop pixie Phoebe Ryan and her gorgeous debut single, “Mine.”

She’s now given us more to work with this week: “Dead,” a song co-written with her producer, Kyle Shearer.

But don’t be fooled by the title: For a song called “Dead,” it’s an awfully dreamy affair. And that’s because things are going really, really good in Pheobe’s life…whether or not she chooses to accept it.


Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with how fortunate I am and with my friends, how good we have it—when everything is going so great and so wonderfully. For some reason, I have this negative reaction, like, “I don’t deserve any of this, and I have to be dead right now. This has to be a dream.” I had come up with song title ideas and I thought “Dead” was an interesting title if we could spin it in a positive way.

The ethereal tune layers Phoebe’s whispery worries above warm synth pulsations, resulting in a lush, melancholy slice of synth-pop that wouldn’t sound too out of place on a shuffle play in between Ellie Goulding, Say Lou Lou and Diana Vickers.

If the music stays this good, she’s only going to feel deader this year.

“When things are good, I don’t believe that they’re for real/I really wish that I could just tell myself/I gotta feel, feel something else instead…”