I’ve got some news for you: Fembots have creative input too!

Robyn‘s 3-part Body Talk collection was undoubtedly one the most exciting pop happenings of 2010, from the music, to the endless touring, to the deliciously rich artwork and music videos.

On Tuesday, Style.com posted an exclusive interview from The Creator’s Project between Robyn and Mary Fagot, the creative director behind the Body Talk campaign.

Click above to watch the two artists discuss their personal and collaborative style and while offering some brand new insight into the Body Talk era, including building the interactive viral clips (“Interactive Beat Machine” and “#killingme”), striking the perfect visual balance and choosing the right cover art.

She’s just so adorable…I love hearing her speak about her songs! “It’s like a whining song.”

And finally, a fantastic quote by the Swedish songstress contained in the Style article:

Sometimes, I will catch a little girl’s face and her mouth is gaping open as she wonders what the fuck I’m doing—not everyone gets what I’m about.


For more on Mary Fagot’s work, check out her official website.

Body Talk was released in November 2010. (iTunes)