Daily B: PopJustice’s Peter Robinson Interviews Britney Spears About Success (And Saucepans)

And now, the most important thing you’ll read today.

PopJustice‘s Peter Robinson, friend to MuuMuse, conducted an interview with Britney at the beginning of August. Today, the interview went live.

And guess what? It’s the most introspective, thoughtful interview of the entire Femme Fatale era.

While I won’t spoil the entire thing, here are just a few choice quotes:

Great. What most drives you to be brilliant – fear of failure or thirst for success?
Thirst for success. I constantly want to outdo the last thing I’ve done.

How do you define success now? Is it album sales or ticket sales, or whether you personally like something?
Just by feeling accomplished in what I’ve done, you know? In the art that we’ve done. At this point in my career I am making the music that I enjoy and the music I know my fans will love.

And how much of the real you do you think we know? None, everything, half? 45%?
I would say half. I can be pretty guarded with my personal life and I’ve learned that’s okay.

That’s quite a lot to know.

But it’s also quite a lot not to know.
Yes! Sometimes it’s our secrets that define us.

Do you lead or follow?
I definitely lead.

Is it hard work doing all that leading? It must be a lot easier to just sit around copying people.
No, it’s not hard work, it’s part of who I am. I love to strive to do things differently. That’s part of why I love what I do – being in this industry because you can, you know, do so many different things, and that makes you who you are.

What do you look back on and go, ‘well that was a bit rubbish’?
Um… (Miniature pause) Well I think that everything happens for a reason so I don’t really think anything… Well, I think you learn from everything that happens, good or bad. But you’re talking about songs?

Songs, anything really. I just think it’s really helpful if you want to get a sense of what an artist thinks about themselves, if you know how they actually rank their own work.
Making music is a creative process. I don’t think you can rank that process.

There’s a question I’ve got written down here, which I’ll explain properly once you’ve supplied me with an answer, and the question is: if you were locked in a room with only a saucepan, what would you do?
I’d knock on the door with it.

This interview literally encapsulates every reason why she is my ultimate inspiration: Confidence, devotion to her artistry, determination, and of course, a little slice of silly on the side.

And for once, she’s actually speaking about things that go beyond her tour workout regimen and how much she enjoys watching Sex & The City.


Thank you for a most insightful read, Peter!

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