It’s here! It’s real!

The official single mix of “Criminal,” Britney‘s upcoming Femme Fatale single, has just been uploaded to Britney’s VEVO account–and yes, it does differ slightly from the album version!

The changes are pretty subtle–the main beat bangs a little bit harder, more prominent electronica and guitar, and there’s a more urban touch to the overall production with the addition of some hip-hop friendly drum loops. Another notable difference? The backing vocals have been boosted during the final chorus, showing off some previously unheard vocals. Neat!

While I don’t know how much this ever-so-slightly more radio friendly mix will help or hinder the commercial success of “Criminal,” I think it’s just as hot as the original–if not better! Here’s hoping it takes off on Top 40 radio.

In the meantime: Have you bagged yourself a bad boy yet to come stick up a convenience store with you? Well, get ready…the “Criminal” video should be headed our way soon!


“Criminal” will be released to radio on October 11. (iTunes)