On September 16, MuuMuse and GUMBO NYC teamed up for #GUMBOPOP, an artist showcase/dance party featuring performances by Chris Salvatore, Neon Hitch, and the flaw-free goddess herself: Nadine Coyle of Girls Aloud!

But before Coyle took to the stage early Saturday morning, she took a seat (and took off her shades!) backstage for a sit-down chat with me before her performance, which you can now watch above.

Queen Nadine and I chit-chatted all about her latest solo moves–from her work with Dave Aude, to “Don Julio”–the brand new tequila-inspired track she premiered onstage later that night–as well as Excluusively revealing an incredible career coup to MuuMuse: She’s writing for Celine Dion‘s upcoming comeback record! M-A-J-O-R!

For a semi-unedited version of our interview (sounds dirty, isn’t) with even more juicy details–including tales of Fashion Week and her dinner with Perez Hilton and Tyra Banks–check out the extended interview here.

It’s always a pleasure to chat with Mizz Nadine. She’s so sweet and completely genuine…and hilarious too!

Thanks again, Nadine!

Many thanks to Nadine Coyle, Thomas Martin, Canal Room, 42Below Vodka, Gild Hall Hotel, The Six Pack, Platinum Salon at Hotel on Rivington, Limo Nerd, Nicholas Ruiz and Ben Harvey & Casey Fitzpatrick of GUMBO NYC for making this night possible!