It’s a scientifically proven fact that Cassie Ventura is 100% AMAZING.

While it’s true that the New London-born goddess (CT pride!) doesn’t quite have the vocal chops to rival, well, any of her contemporaries (let’s keep it real: Cassie live is bad news bears), it’s the Bad Boy crooner’s Earth-shatteringly sexy, barely-there delivery that makes each one of her songs tingle with sensuous swagga.

Her two major singles alone–“Me & U” and “Long Way 2 Go”–utterly decimate entire discographies of lesser pop stars hogging the airwaves on Top 40 radio today.

(It also doesn’t hurt that the 25-year-old maintains an unbelievably ferocious air of cool, fearlessly rocking a half-shaved head, stunna shades and sky-high stilettos like the ultimate boss.)

Now, after over five years since her debut record, a triple album’s worth of songs leaked onto the net, and about a half dozen false-start-sorta-kinda single releases, Cassie is–at long last–making her way back to the music scene with “King of Hearts,” the official lead single from her (seemingly) eternally delayed second studio album.

The single was announced only a few days ago by Sean P. Diddy Daddy Combs on the outro of Bad Boy’s brand new mixtape, Bad Boy Presents: The Preview (which also includes two new assists by Cassie–“Radio” and “Make You A Believer.”)

And sure enough, in true Cassie fashion, part of the song has already leaked.

cas KOH by IIIxs

“King of Hearts” is a gorgeous 22nd century space-age throb, chock full of tranced-out beats and lush, echoed vocals: “You can come and get it / Or you can just forget it,” Cassie softly coos above a stomping beat and warped, chilly electronica. It’s a perfectly logical fit for the cool-crooning chanteuse!

And while the snippet tapers out just when the going gets really good (such a tease!), from what we’re already hearing, “King of Hearts” has all the makings of another instant Cassie smash.

So ladies, hang onto your wigs: The undisputed princess of icy electro-R&B is back.