Remember the good ol’ (read: horrifying) days back in ’07/’08 when TMZ would run those videos of Britney being chased down by rabid paparazzi during her daily run to Starbucks, shutting down traffic completely and accidentally running over a foot with her car in the process? Time for some déjà vu.

Click here to watch footage from the BBC of Rihanna shooting the video for “We Found Love” in Northern Ireland yesterday.

After stirring up some drama in the countryside with an uppity farmer who didn’t care to see her lady bits dangling in her crops (SERIOUSLY?), RiRi got a little more lovin’ from the local citizenry than she probably bargained for while shooting in the New Lodge area of North Belfast.

From the BBC:

She has cavorted in a north Down field, she has eaten fish and chips in the city centre and on Tuesday Rihanna completed an unlikely hat-trick by appearing in the New Lodge area of north Belfast. The multi-million selling R&B star filmed the next segment of her latest video in amongst the New Lodge flats. And she was mobbed between takes as fans desperately tried to get close to their hero.

As you can see in the video, upon exiting the car during the shoot, Rihanna started to wave to a few eager fans as she walked by until they just sort of started…charging, leading her to put her hand up and shout: “STOP!” Of course they didn’t, and hundreds more immediately piled in and began shouting, throwing their camera phones up in her face and attempting to go in and touch the singer.

But this is Rihanna we’re talking about–the baddest bitch in heels right here! The G4L! She kept her cool throughout, although obviously a bit nervous, quickly conversing with her security outfit to seemingly try to plot the best way to get out of a bad situation.

And just like a boss bitch does, RiRi promptly turned on her heels and charged right on back to safety–a sea of shrieking fans following after her like a buzzing swarm.

That Rihanna reign…