Ka-chinggg! Check out the fabulously vintage clip for Wynter Gordon‘s “Buy My Love,” which just premiered earlier today on LOGO.

Co-starring Zelda Williams and Tristan Wilds, Gordon’s latest video finds an absolutely gawgeous Gordon twirling ’round sequins, bangles and shoulder pads while trying on couture galore in a vintage knick-knack shop. As the Pet Shop Boys would say: We’re S-H-O-PP-I-N-G, we’re shopping.

And oh–the choreography! So fierce! The side shuffles. The peace signs. That Brit Brit “Circus”-like arm-through-arm move. The butt slap. So, so tight! And speaking of, um…that stomach, Wynter? GIRL. You FIT.

The video is a perfectly cheeky blend of ’80’s nostalgia and modern fresh-to-deathness. I absolutely love it!

I guess what I’m most trying to say is that this is basically like one amazing ode to the entire vintage shop/dressing room scene in The Sweetest Thing, which is basically one amazing ode to Pretty in Pink and Sixteen Candles and every other ’80’s romantic teen comedy ever.

And all that makes me one very, very happy boy.

With The Music I Die EP was released on June 28. (iTunes)