The Holy Spearit‘s been busy these days zooming down (and up and down and up and down and up and down) Europe on her Femme Fatale Tour. And while fans are getting a taste of Queen B overseas, fans stateside are gearing up for the much anticipated premiere of Britney Spears: Femme Fatale Tour on November 12 at 8 PM on EPIX.

Today, a few previews have been launched and sent to different Britney fan sites, including a snippet of “I’m A Slave 4 U,” (seen above) “3,” “Boys” and “(Drop Dead) Beautiful.”

Okay. Sigh. Can we be real here, y’all?

First of all, I’m really pissed about the fact that they’ve decided to dub over the live concert audio with studio versions of every song. It’s as though she’s playing to a completely dead arena–it’s almost creepy! Added to the fact that she occasionally sang live (or at the very least, recorded new “live” vocals for the concert), it’s pretty embarrassing to see that the audio has been so thoroughly (and unnecessarily) edited.

But that’s not the overwhelming issue at hand, is it? Let’s be honest with ourselves. Really, really honest. I love this girl more than any other pop star in the world, but Queen B’s performances are looking–well, it’s looking rough.

I know what I saw during my tour stops in Boston and Hartford, but that’s not at all what I’m seeing in these videos! Very by-the-numbers, very soulless and downright sloppy in places. It’s honestly a bit heartbreaking to watch.

But before I cast any further judgement, we’ll have to wait for the full thing to premiere next week to decide. (Nevertheless: Yay for studio versions of the tour remixes! Keeping it Optimisticney, right? RIGHT?! Sigh. Let the “You’re a bad fan!” comments begin rolling in now…)

Oh, right: Earlier tonight at Wembley Stadium, Godney gave a lap dance to tour opener Joe Jonas

Between me and you, I think he’s got a serious joner going on.