French House fans, rejoice!

French producer/DJ extraordinaire Fred Falke is set to unleash his debut artist LP, Part IV, on December 5.

The man behind the smashing productions and remixes for some of MuuMuse’s favorite acts–including Annie, Gossip, Miike Snow, Uffie, Ke$ha, Florrie and Will Young–will be bringing his first-ever artist record through Kris Menace‘s label, Work It Baby.

From Falke, courtesy of the press release:

So much of modern music takes the ideas in the 70’s and 80’s and uses them in a very superficial way. I hope I have managed to create something that re-asserts the musicality of this era within the context of modern music and modern production methods. I’ve always sought to re-align the modern French sound with the musical heritage that informed it, to bring that sound to a young crowd…to make it relevant to them.

I was fortunate enough to get a first listen to Part IV earlier today, and while there aren’t any artists featured on the (mostly) instrumental 12-track record, the album’s slick, euphoric French House productions are nothing short of pop perfection–an absolute must for any proper party playlist.

Prepare for a wallop of funky disco grooves, hazy electronica and searing House beats!

And now, a reminder of the genius of the Falke…

Still incredible.

Part IV will be released on December 5. (iTunes)