At last–the Day of Reckoning is finally upon us!

After touring with Joe Jonas and Jay Sean during the summer and embarking on her “Pinktober” Hard Rock Café Tour across the country this fall (in which she’s been performing free shows around the country to support breast cancer awareness for October because she is quite literally an Angel sent from above), Queen JoJo has just unveiled the video for her brand new single, “Disaster.”

So what happens? Well, our beloved Boston-bred beauty’s been getting busy with a motorcycle man. And after what seems like a happy love affair at first, the romance quickly fades as JoJo grows more and more impatient with her beau. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Actually, they both seem pretty flustered.

And then it really hits the fan: There’s heated arguments! And glass smashing! And then there’s this one part where JoJo’s all like “Whatever, I’m too grown for this” and puts on her headphones to keep playing the guitar instead of hearing him yell! This relationship doesn’t quite seem to be working out–some might even call it A DISASTER.

Of course, there’s also tons and tons of bad-ass rock chick scenes as Queen Jo tears into the mic alongside with her band. YASSS!

All in all, I’m very proud of JoJo! A solid visual for a spectacular return to form. And she looks so, so gorgeous! (Well, duh.)

If there’s any takeaway message in this video, it’s that JoJo remains the most underrated, free-of-flaw pop chanteuse of our day, and until you begin to acknowledge this basic truth, you’ll lead a sad life of irreversible emptiness and despair. In conclusion: BOW DOWN, MERE MORTALS.

“Disaster” was released on September 6. (iTunes)