Robyn made a long, long overdue appearance on mainstream US TV on The Ellen Show yesterday to perform the last single off of 2010’s Body Talk, “Call Your Girlfriend.”

Sporting a rather fly hoodie that has her looking a little Mighty Aphrodite (DO YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE? SHE HAS WINGS ON HER HEAD), platform shoes and and some super schweet leggings, the Swedish Pop Queen delivered an unsurprisingly incredible rendition of her latest synthesizer smash. Ugh, so good! So punchy! Such energy!

And then, it happens at 1:30: she LITERALLY DOES THE SAME BACK FLIP-TO-FLOOR-HUMP AS IN THE VIDEO. Like, THIS .GIF just happened in REAL LIFE…while she was SINGING LIVE. Could your faves? No, I’m actually quite serious: Could your faves physically even?! I DID NOT THINK SO. Legend.

I’m so happy to see that Ellen’s given our favorite Swede some much deserved recognition. Now we please get her to break into the damn mainstream US market already?!

“Call Your Girlfriend (Remixes) EP” was released in May. (iTunes)