Yesterday, the love of my life* Joe McElderry performed his still amazing debut single, “Ambitions,” on the X Factor results show.

*Yes, we’re an item (in my mind BUT SOON HIS AS WELL), and if you haters don’t like it, well…in the legendary words of B. Scott: Ho, have a seat.

Aside from delivering a solid vocal performance on par with the actual recording, McEldreamy (DO YOU SEE WHAT I JUST DID THERE) and about eighty thousand dancers brought much of the song’s music video to life on stage, including the overly joyous choreography (mercifully not too much) and those soul-searching deep stares into the camera that had my knees a-bucklin’ a few weeks ago.

It was a splendid affair; one that no doubt brought tears to the eyes of former mentor/baby mama, Mizz Chezza Cole (aside from the slightly embarrassing lift-into-the-stars at the 2:45 mark which we’re not talking about ever again).

With this performance under his belt (which funnily enough is where I’d like to be as well), McElderry is almost destined to rocket to the number one position on the UK Singles Chart next week.

“Ambitions” is released today in the UK. (iTunes UK)