God, I love it when two of my loves come together!

“Look Who’s Talking” is one of the tracks on K-Pop Queen BoA‘s 2009 self-titled debut English album. But as we knew from the album’s liner notes, the song was originally co-scribed by the Living Legend, the sensual seductress, the enchanting mistress: Miss Britney Spears.

According to BMI, “Look Who’s Talking” was originally recorded and registered by The Holy Spearit, Bloodshy & Avant and Michelle Bell.

Together, Bell and Brit Brit crafted several tracks for the ever-mysterious Original Doll sessions in 2005, right in between In The Zone and Blackout, including “Like I’m Fallin'” (BMI) and “Ouch” (BMI).

Now, a 30-second snippet of Britney’s original demo has leaked.

Look Who’s Talking Snippet by eyelovelefteye

How’s it sound? Good obviously–it features Godney’s flawless vocals! The song’s sort of like a pre-“Piece Of Me” taunt (a lil’ bit of “Rebellion” if you will), so it wouldn’t really suit Britney at this stage in her life. BUT…it’s a fun treat to hear nonetheless!

To celebrate this mash-up of BoA/Britney goodness, let us now remember the moment when the two met in person while Britney was promoting In The Zone in South Korea. My favorite moment? Probably when Britney figures out what to do with the hand muff BoA gifts her at around the 1:15 mark and the audience literally FREAKS THE FUCK OUT.


Slayed back then, still slayed now. So cute/amazing/everything!