Earlier this evening, Godney did so tweet:

Found a xmas gift for my sister in Peru – so I can cross her off my list!  Not the best weather where I’m at today…

The photo finds Queen B’s hand lifting a window curtain to reveal the maybe-not-so-good weather of Bogotá (not that we’d ever be able to tell because of the blue Instagram tint, but let’s just go with it). On her hand? This Illuminati-esque triangle tattoo, which most fans (including me) are still puzzled by to this day. When did that even happen? She did get that star tattoo on the same hand with Jamie-Lynn back in December of ’06. Is that the star? Why’s it different?

Also: Has anyone else noticed “Britney” has stopped tweeting with “-Brit” at the end? Has she taken full control of her Twitter account?

God, I so love this. It kind of reminds me of 2006/2007 Rebellionney, when our beloved Godney used to write long poems like “Remembrance of Who I Am” and create insane fan polls for her fans to decide the title for her upcoming studio album. (I myself continue to pray for the day Omg is Like Lindsay Lohan Like Okay Like is finally released.)

My princess is such a mystery. One day, she’ll write us a good book one day. A good, mysterious book.