Sorry, but I just–I absolutely live for moments when pop ladies I love talk about other pop ladies that I love.

Australian Empress of Pop Kylie Minogue sat down for an in-depth interview with the Sydney Morning Herald’s Andrew Hornery prior to her induction into the ARIA Hall of Fame last night. At one point, she was asked to compare herself to another reigning pop diva: The one and only Madonna.

So sayeth the ever-ravishing KM:

I’m a massive Madonna fan. Absolutely. I’ve only met her briefly. We have some friends in common. A message will go back and forwards–she says ‘Hi’ or I say ‘Hi.’ How can you not love Madonna? I know she’s got a new album coming out and I hope she kills it. I want her to do really, really well. As a fan, I want some great Madonna music.

Awwwww! Yay! Kylie loves Madonna loves Kylie (and yes, we all knew that already.) The world is a better place.

Still, it’s so lovely to see a diva compliment a diva. For more of that (plus a healthy helping of shade on the side), you must check out Rich Juzwiak‘s (FourFour) essential new splice ‘n’ dice piece, “Divas on divas.” Brilliant, as always.