Today, unveiled the official cover for Britney‘s upcoming Femme Fatale Tour DVD.

It’s disgustingly awful. Insanely terrible. Unbelievably atrocious. Objectively garbage. Just so, so thoroughly lazy. The photo isn’t even centered properly! She’s Britney FUCKING Spears, and this MS Paint job slapped together after a 3-day binge of Adderall and Red Bull is the best thing you could come up with? Really? Oh. Okay, great. Perfect. Cool.

Well, since this isn’t the best anyone can do, and since Goddess Courtney Stodden‘s dog Bazaar could have barfed up something prettier than this, I’ve selected a few fan-made versions that are miles better. WAY BETTER! Amazing, actually.

Use them for your iTunes library, or just print it out and tape it directly over that heinous cover. Whatever works for you!

See? Making good out of a negative situation! Now let’s check out a few amazing designs…


Kaled Kalil.


T. Kyle MacMahon.

Feel free to submit your own amazing designs in the comments section below!