Looks like Florence Welch is having some trouble shaking the devil off her back.

Earlier today, Florence + The Machine premiered the jaw-dropping new video for “No Light, No Light,” the third single from her second studio album Ceremonials, which was (fittingly) released on Halloween.

Voodoo, creepy church boys straight out of The Omen and distinctly Illuminati/Satanic-friendly undertones? Yep–looks like the work of our beloved Florence to me!

Watch as Ms. Welch is endlessly chased down by a dark-sided (and blue-skinned) demon creature, getting poked and prodded in rag-doll form until finally succumbing and taking a tumble from great heights. The cinematography is absolutely stunning, and Welch looks gorgeous playing the witchy songstress she so naturally is.

The perfect visual for a most perfect song? Methinks yes.

Oh, and another thing: I know I haven’t made a peep about Ceremonials, but trust me: I think it’s thoroughly brilliant. Epic. In fact, it’s a little too epic for me to handle. Every time I listen, I have to walk away for a while and collect myself. There’s just too much epic! I don’t know how, when or if I’m ever going to properly review that record–but it’s fucking ACE.

Ceremonials was released on October 31. (iTunes)