Happy Thanksgiving, Muusers! I hope everyone had a most joyous celebration.

While we were all busy pigging out and fighting over the last serving of cheesy broccoli this evening, Mizz Lady Gaga was busy premiering her Thanksgiving special on ABC: A Very Gaga Thanksgiving.

Along with delivering several gorgeously stripped-down renditions of her signature tracks and current songs (including “Marry The Night”–watch that one immediately), the sneaky pop starlet surprised her Little Monsters with a minute clip of her upcoming video (or maybe the prelude, or maybe just another preview of the prelude) for “Marry The Night,” her fifth single off of Born This Way.

Set in a dance studio, the rather straightforward sneak peek (wait, this is Gaga we’re talking about, right?) features the “Born This Way” belter suited up in ripped leggings and a rill tight top getting into the groove in a most fierce-tastic routine along with her back-up dancers. (Whether or not this choreography is pre or post-Laurieann Gibson remains to be seen…RIP Boomkack!!1!11!)

No heavy-handed messages or pretentiously abstract symbolism to be found here–just a sweaty, sharply choreographed routine that’d have any proper pop fanatic salivating for more. Oof–and those pre-dance stretches? Girl, just look at those lady lumps! Work, bitch!

At this point, it’s safe to say that we’re all quite ready for the premiere of Gaga’s latest mïnï-ëpïc now. Let’s-a go!

“Marry The Night” was released to radio in November. (iTunes)