Listen up, Navy: There’s only 3 more weeks until Talk That Talk spills out onto the world and finally we get to hear what Princess Rihanna‘s been dying to gab about!

To mark the occasion, Team Ri is going to ri-lease one video per day leading up to the album’s release.

The first, featured above, finds Rihanna behind-the-scenes with her team discussing the potential album cover candidates for the standard and deluxe edition of Talk That Talk…and um, it’s kind of everything.

“This, to me, is the most un-pretty cover I’ve ever done…and that’s why I like it,” Rihanna decides in her deliciously thick Bajan accent while pointing to the standard edition cover. “It’s about what my eyes say.”

After a few more minutes of deliberation between the two covers, the choice is made and the Talk That Talk campaign gets its official face. “Well behaved bitches seldom make history,” Ri reminds us all before delivering a most bad-ass high five to one of the members of her team. So like…


This entire sequence! She’s just so fucking cool! And the attitude! And the sass! And the everything! I’m stanning–I’M STANNING. SOMEONE HOLD ME BACK. Sorry, but SO FUCKING GOOD. ALL OF IT. TALK that talk, Ri!

Talk That Talk will be released on November 21. (iTunes)