Oh, you thought you were going to bed? Hold, please.

Madonna‘s official website was just updated with the tracklisting for the deluxe edition of MDMA. The titles are as follows:

– Girls Gone Wild
– Gang Bang
– I’m Addicted
– Some Girls
– I Don’t Give A
– Turn Up the Radio
– Give Me All Your Luvin’
– B-day Song
– Superstar
– I’m a Sinner
– Masterpiece
– Falling Free
– Love Spent
– I Fucked Up
– Beautiful Killer

If you take the first letter from each title and jumble them all together, the sentence spell out: THIS IS AN AMAZING ALBUM. (That’s not accurate, I apologize.)

But, really: There seems to be a running theme here involving “I”/”I’m” titles (“I’m Addicted,” I Don’t Give A,” “I’m A Sinner,” I Fucked Up”) which is certainly shocking, as Madonna’s always been known for her unrelenting selflessness. (This is me being sarcastic, mocking a woman I adore and revere. Certain fans of certain pop stars should learn how that works.)

Also, I realize that I haven’t even heard it yet, but “I Fucked Up” is already my new personal anthem.”I Don’t Give A” too. Actually, all of them are probably my personal anthem. Can I claim a whole album as a personal anthem? Okay, yes. Done.

MDNA will be released on March 26. (iTunes)