Yes! At least, that’s according to KIIS FM program director Julie Pilmar.

After an Aguilera stan badgered Pilmar to send a happy birthday tweet to Lady Xtina earlier today, Pilmar began to spill a few minor details about the upcoming release, tweeting back: “her new song is amazing!”

Xtina fans soon swooped in with more questions: Yes, she believes the new song is radio friendly (“very much”). No, she can’t reveal the song title, but it’s been “stuck in my head ever since.” No, she has no idea when RCA is releasing the song. And as for the song’s producer? Pop titan Max Martin.

Makes sense too, given that Martin’s frequent collaborator Dr. Luke now only exclusively produces for Aguilera’s label, RCA Records.

Lessers? Kindly check your wigs at the door:
Legendtina returns in 2012.