What’s that? It’s time for a Christmas surprise sung by a flaw-free pop goddess, you say? Well…okay!

Earlier this year, the newly legal JoJo (Happy 21st birthday, girl! LOVE YOU!), decided to share a special holiday treat for all her fans by uploading her own cover of the timeless Christmas classic, “The Christmas Song.”

In true JoJo fashion, it’s an insanely melodic rendition. So many notes! So many scales! So talented.

So go ahead and grab some spiked egg nog (she’s 21 now, y’all!), snuggle under the blankies and listen above as the pop princess utterly decimates the classic–in the best sense of the word possible!

Oh Jo…we simply cannot wait for Jumping Trains in 2012.

“Disaster” was released on September 6. (iTunes)