Mylène Farmer, for those unfamiliar, is sort of like the French equivalent of Madonna.

Since her debut in 1986, the iconic fiery-haired French songstress has gone to sell over 30 million records and snag the record for most #1 singles in France–from 1991’s “Désenchantée,” to her 2006 collaboration with Moby “Slipping Away (Crier la vie),” to last year’s stunning electro gem, “Oui mais…non.” (There’s also my personal favorite, 2005’s “Fuck Them All,” which ended up peaking at #2, but it’ll always be #1 in my heart.) In short: She’s a BFD.

On December 5, the singer released 2001.2011, her second greatest hits collection featuring singles from her past three studio albums, along with two new songs. One of which is “Du Temps,” the lead single from the album, which just charted at #8 in France.

With its chilly wisps of electronica and Farmer’s signature Enya-like coos, “Du Temps” is an absolutely lush ‘n’ dreamy synth-pop production. Do I know what she’s singing about? Um, something about time. Taking time. And love. That’s all I need to know really!

The video for the song premiered last week, featuring a mix of both home videos and a dance routine done while splashing around in some shallow water. (The Saturdays could quite literally never.) Prepare for plenty of fierce Kylie-esque hand choreography!

Thanks to Muuser Calen C. for the find!

“Du Temps” was released on November 7. (iTunes)