God, I love me some Koda Kumi!

The oft-controversial princess is not only responsible for countless J-Pop gems, but some of the most gasp-inducing moments I’ve ever witnessed in a Japanese music video–like this from “D.D.D”, or this from “Shake It.” She filthy.

After unleashing her noisy electro-banger “POP DIVA” earlier this year (plus two other singles, “4 Times” and “Ai wo Tomenaide”) Kumi’s now coming out with her 52nd single (!!!) since her 2002 debut: “Love Me Back,” a super catchy uptempo with some swinging ’60’s spy flick influences. (And you thought RiRi pumped out singles quickly!)

To properly play the part in the song’s accompanying clip, Kuu-chan slipped into something a bit more…her speed (read: a super slutty cop outfit and a super slutty nurse outfit). Prepare for some fierce bump ‘n’ grinding, suggestive night stick swinging, and a whole lot of prisoner lust. Lady Gaga could quite literally never!

Oh, and if lap-dances delivered by Kumi are really the standard protocol for an interrogation in Japan, something tells me the country’s about to experience a major crime spree.


“Love Me Back” was released on November 29. (iTunes Japan)