Miike Snow–perhaps better known as the passion project between Swedish production duo Bloodshy & Avant and American singer/producer Andrew Wyatt–is one of my favorite new acts of the past few years (and more impressively, one of the very few bands I adore.)

Not only did the Swedish trio produce one of the Top 10 Albums of 2009 and provide Sky Ferreira with an awfully good song to cover, but they like to double up on their vowels, MuuMuse style.

While an official single from the upcoming studio album isn’t due out until January, the boys decided to preview new material earlier today on BBC Radio 1’s The Zane Lowe Show. And judging by the song, we’re in for a much more aggressive and rockier release than their debut.

“You don’t need to sell your shell/You do the Devil’s work/You finally found your place/You know it always was,” Wyatt angrily growls before drowning in a complicated mix of searing electronica, jagged piano stabs, blaring horns and crashing drums.

To accompany the track, Swedish director Andreas Nillson (Fever Ray, The Knife) was brought on board to shoot an entire story based around the record.

There isn’t much to see in the bleak Walking Dead-esque opening teaser so far, which features an unknown figure running and skipping down a desolate desert road for the entire length of the song. Someone’s got happy feet! I think…

From the group’s mailer earlier today:

Andreas joins us to creatively direct the videos for the entire album which will reveal the birth of a new race. All will be revealed as we head into the album but for now you will see the glimpse of the first character as the story begins.

Intriguing and mysterious as always. I’m loving what I’m hearing so far!

Devil’s Work by miikesnow

Miike Snow’s debut record was released in 2009. (iTunes)