Nicki Minaj is coming back with power, power.

Ever since I first heard “Itty Bitty Piggy” back in December of ’09, I was instantly smitten with Mizz Minaj. But apart from her ALWAYS legendary guest verses (the “Shakin’ It 4 Daddy” verse for Robin Thicke, to the “Bottoms Up” verse for Trey Songz, and her best to date, the verse on Kanye West‘s Monster”) I fell off the Nicki train with her mostly disappointing debut Pink Friday–a mostly pop/R&B-heavy record with little to none of the fierce ‘n’ ferocious theatrics employed in every single one of her guest verses.

Plus, that Black Eyed Peas collaboration? I was simply checked out. (Err, aside from her features on Guetta‘s new record, which I absolutely adore.)

But now something good’s brewing: Roman Zolanski, the female rapstress’ gay alter ego (as featured on Pink Friday‘s few life-slayers “Roman’s Revenge”) has taken control of the mic–and shit’s just turned ferocious all over again.

“Roman in Moscow” is the first taste of Nicki’s upcoming sophomore record: Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. And for the first time in a while, I got the tingles I felt when I first heard Minaj spitting her deviously clever rhymes with her trademark cray-zay flow: “I told you bitches last year: I’m a rap bitch nightmare,” Minaj announces of the top of the hectic beat.

“Roman in Moscow” has everything I ever loved about her early verses: The indecipherable accents (did she just say something about a synagogue?), the ridiculous enunciation, the irreverent rhymes, the mile-a-minute skills. Oh, and that “I double dog dare you, I double dog dare you!” bit? LOVE!

Roman, yo what da fuck?! This is much closer to the all killer, no filler Minaj I fell in love with years ago! Less “Right Thru Me,” more “Fuck U Silly.” Now bring it this Valentine’s Day!

Roman In Moscow by NICKI MINAJ

Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded will be released on February 14. (iTunes)