Flaw-Free Ginger Goddess Queen Legend Nicola Roberts is, as we’ve already determined with her debut solo record Cinderella’s Eyes, an amazing pop star. But now, she’s just gone and done something EVEN MORE AMAZING.

Her upcoming single, “Yo-Yo,” (watch the video which premiered earlier this week) is due out in the UK on January 8. And for fans who pre-order the EP on iTunes UK NOW, they’ll receive Roberts’ solo version of Girls Aloud‘s “Memory Of You.”

“Memory Of You,” for those not already aware, is one of Girls Aloud’s greatest songs of all time. (Note: Girls ALoud only make amazing songs, but this just so happens to be one of the most amazing-est.) It is a 100% Perfect, icy disco Xenomania gem, with literally no flaws to be found whatsoever.

What’s even more amazing is that you can already listen to 1:30 sample of Nicola’s solo version on iTunes UK! (US fans: Log into the iTunes, change the store to UK and search “Nicola Roberts Yo-Yo.”)

Now, the thing about Nicola’s version of the song is that it is COMPLETELY AMAZING AND ABSOLUTELY FUCKING EVERYTHING.

While we wait for the full version (time goes by…so slowly!), allow me to refresh your MEMORY FOR YOU.


“Yo-Yo” will be released on January 8. (iTunes UK)