Behold: The brand new video for Cher Lloyd‘s “Want U Back,” which, for whatever reason, now includes a guest verse by Astro, the 15-year-old rapper from US X Factor.

The ever-adorable Almighty Lloyd spends her time flipping through magazines and sorting through pictures of her and her gorgeous beau on her iPad (SO MODERN!), ruminating on the one that got away with some dumb blonde. Then the pictures start moving (what’chu sippin on, Cher?), and the swagga-fied songstress starts getting creative, injecting herself into each situation–she’s messing up that chick’s tattoo! She’s tossing popcorn at their heads at the movie theater! It’s silly. We’re having a lot of fun! I’m having fun!

And then comes that verse.

I mean…this kid hasn’t even been off the X Factor stage for ten minutes, and yet they’ve already carted him off to the UK to record a verse for Lloyd’s new single. And while I don’t want to exactly ‘go in’ on a baby…are you actually kidding me? “I gave her the ring instead of you”? Like, a ring pop? Is that we’re talking about here? Oh God. Just absolutely miserable. STAHHHP, RAHHHHN!

Slight Astro-nomical fail aside (why can’t we just let great pop songs be great?), the video is still absolutely adorable. I love seeing Miss Lloyd acting like a total goober! She’s just so…mad! UGH!!!