It seems that over the past few months since we’ve last heard from her, Cherrytree darling Mizz Natalia Kills has found herself a handsome suitor to shack up with and enjoy all for herself. Sounds like it’s all ponies and rainbows and marshmallows for Ms. Kills now, right? And they’re both going to live happily ever after…

Just kidding: She wants to kill him. She wants to kill him DEAD.

In the murderous new clip for Kills’ latest rampage, the dark-pop princess sharpens her knives and…fetches a few gallons of milk?!

That’s right! To do out the dirty deed, the sneaky songstress takes to doling out some serious punishment, lactose style. If you think the lead in Brit Brit‘s “I Wanna Go” video got the milky shower treatment, think again–this is an all-out moo-sacre.

You’ve got to love Kills’ dagger-sharp ‘tude and high fashion-meets-cheeky camp throughout the clip. (Did I just see a milk-ified reference to Un Chien Andalou at one point?) This is a girl who loves her pop hooks and humor about as sharp as her razor blades.

Bang bang, my Kills-y shot him down! J’adore.

“Kill My Boyfriend” is released this month. (iTunes)