It’s been leaking in snippets and bits for weeks now, but alas–Britney‘s original demo for “Look Who’s Talking” has finally surfaced, thanks to the boys and girls (begging to If U Seek Amy) at BadMediaKarma!

The Bloodshy & Avant-produced, Godney co-penned track was first featured on K-Pop superstar BoA‘s 2009 self-titled US debut (as you all already knew because you read every single Daily B ever), and fans have long been waiting to hear B’s original demo.

Recorded around In The Zone and before the lost Original Doll sessions, “Look Who’s Talking Now” seemingly captures a sparkle of Rebellionney in the making: “Controversy is like a ticking time bomb/Controversy is what they want/You best believe that’s not what I spend my time on/Controversy is all they want,” B fiercely purrs during the middle eight. And those signature Britney riffs at the end? YUM!

She may not be releasing new music in ’12, but yet we’ve still got new Godney to celebrate…so let’s dance!

Think you got her figured out?
Well, look who’s talking now…it’s B!