Daily B: Godney to Release “Till The World Ends” Twister Remix Video on September 9, Strolls Flawlessly

While your faves were busy being irrelevant this week–perhaps dying their hair no1curr brunette or coming on board as a judge for a flop singing reality show that isn’t X FactorGodney has been busily preparing to radiantly bless our screens in September with the season premiere of X Factor, the promotional clip for her new magical elixir Fantasy Twist, and most importantly, the long-awaited video/commercial for her game-changing game changer, Twister Dance.

And now, we’ve finally got a premiere date! From Twister’s Facebook:

Thanks, Team Twister, for helping us reach 1 MILLION FANS! To celebrate this milestone we want you to be the first to know the date that we’ll be premiering the Britney Spears Till the World Ends TWISTER Remix Video. Are you ready?! 9.9.12 is THE day!

Ahead of the remix video’s debut, Hasbro has gifted us with a “Making Of” clip, featuring lesser-basics showing up for the video’s casting call and learning dance moves. It is entirely useless up until the 2:15 mark, when the video suddenly cuts to a shot of The Holy Spearit serving “3” Femme Fatale Tour iconic strut realness and taking a half-second stroll through what appears to be a dance studio, sporting the same black boots once used to roundhouse-kick the members of Innosense out of her dressing room during the …Baby One More Time Tour.

It’s good to see that, once again, Legendtina and Godney are in sync, promoting their latest videos via feet. But don’t be so quick to call Legendtina a trendsetter! As you’ll recall, this is hardly the first time we’ve encountered Foot Fetishney.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to light several dozen vanilla candles, clutch my Holy Spearit rosary beads and read from the Book of Godney until the release of the “Till The World Ends” remix video.


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