Hot Club Track Of The Week: Ian Carey and Rosette – Amnesia (feat. Timbaland and Brasco)

In the world of pop, “Amnesia” never fails: There’s Britney‘s 2008 Circus bonus track “Amnesia” (perhaps better retitled as “Oops!…I Cheated Again”), Cheryl Cole‘s electro-tastic 2010 Messy Little Raindrops smash “Amnesia,” and exactly who could possibly forget Cherish‘s final slow jam, “Amnesia”? No one, that’s who.

Luckily, American House DJ Ian Carey is not about to muddy the good name.

After the release of international hits like 2008’s “Get Shaky” with Kate Miller-Heidke and last year’s “Last Night” with Snoop Dogg and Bobby Anthony, the DJ/producer teamed up with Timbaland, rapper Brasco and vocalist Rosette for his brand new 2012 club cut–you guessed it, “Amnesia.”

The cutting club track finds Miss Rosette getting all sassy atop Carey’s stinging House beats, calling out a cheatin’, lyin’ loser who, apparently, is Timbaland. “You’re a liar, a cheat, unfaithful dog!” Rosette croons on top of the explosive chorus. Yet even if the words sound pretty scathing, the beats are utterly euphoric, making it kind of impossible not to want to throw your hands up and giddily prance around like a loon.

“I think you got me all wrong,” Timba pleads throughout in the background. “I think that I don’t!” Rosette responds. Oh, GIRL. Tell him, tell him!

I don’t know, Timba…I think I’m with Rosette on this one. Now pack up your drum pads and get out of my house!

Ian Carey & Rosette feat. Timbaland and Brasco – “Amnesia” Radio Edit by IanCarey

“Amnesia” was released on January 23. (Beatport)

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