I don’t know about you, but when I think “Fancy,” I think Fancy by Jessica Simpson.

But now, there’s a new “Fancy” in the building — and it comes at the hands of two of my most favorite-est blog buzzin’ beauties: Iggy Azalea and Charli XCX.

“Fancy” is due out on April 6, but it just premiered tonight on BBC Radio 1 Xtra.

The Invisible Men-produced track — which originally leaked as a song called “Leave It” many weeks ago — creeps along on a spare synth progression, keeping the attention on the Aussie femcee: “I just can’t worry ’bout no haters, got to stay on my grind,” Iggy raps.

And then, in comes Charli with the assist — a reliably catchy, howling pop hook of a chorus: “I’m so fancy, you already know/I’m in the fastline from LA to Tokyo!” And later on, she gets turnt up and swings on the chandeliers for a hotel room wreckin’ bridge.

While this might not be quite a club thumper on the level of Iggy’s “Work” or “Bounce,” it’s still a fierce cut — and reminiscent of Iggy’s earlier material (“Pu$$y”).

Plus, this only continues the running theme of the year, from Gaga and Legendtina to Rihanna and Shakira: Girl power.

“Fancy” will be released on April 2. (iTunes)