Jamie Lynn Spears Prepares for Country Music Debut in 2012

Even though RCA’s Joe Riccitelli confirmed that Britney‘s taking a break in 2012 to spend some time away with her family, that doesn’t mean we won’t be graced with the Holy Spearit–it’s just coming from a different Spears: Jamie Lynn!

Over four years after Brit Brit’s younger sister quietly slipped away in 2008 to give birth to her daughter at age 16, baby Spears is finally stepping back into the spotlight. Although rumors have swirled since early 2009 of an upcoming country music debut for Jamie Lynn, including an interview with country singer-songwriter Pam Tillis from September confirming that the two were writing in the studio together, there hadn’t been any actual signs of new music…up until now.

The first came in early November, when Jamie Lynn hit the stage at The Rutledge in Nashville to perform an intimate showcase of brand new music in front of friends and family. She then resurfaced the following week for a surprise performance at Puckett’s in Tennessee, where she again performed her original songs (watch this clip from the crowd, including the one below.)

Most recently, People Magazine published a behind-the-scenes clip of their upcoming photo shoot with Jamie Lynn in Nashville on December 31, where the soon-to-be songstress discussed her upcoming music and her relationship with her now 3 1/2-year-old daughter. “As long as my world can still revolve around her, then the rest will just fall into place. That’s what I think has been very organic and perfect about my music,” she explains during the shoot.

While it’s been a slow build until now, it seems Jamie Lynn’s debut is officially approaching shortly. Now, I won’t lie–country is far from my favorite musical genre (let’s face it, it’s my very least)–but I’m willing to overlook that fact if the songs are well-crafted and the singing is pleasant. Judging by the clips above, she’s got a good voice–which means the studio output is probably even better. Plus, I’m always here to support anything Team Spears.

So come on and bring on the new tunes, Jamie Lynn!

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