Summer In Winter

I spoke about Paris about a month ago, but I don’t think you get how crucial their music is. What? No, I realize you’re reading my blog for the first time. That’s NOT an excuse. I’m not yelling at y–Stop. Don’t start crying! Shh..I apologize. It’s okay, I just get passionate about this things. No, we’re not fighting.

This is the non-French, non-Hilton variety of Paris. They’re Swedish power-pop-electro-indie, and they make me think of summer time happiness and places I’ve never been. The sound is similar to the Cardigans, if the Cardigans dropped the country twang and added a few Casio keyboards. Their third album, The Landlord Is Kind Enough To Let Us Have Our Little Sessions (which by its mere title enough should clue you in to their brilliance), came out back in September. That being said, I don’t think I posted their lead single from the album, so I’m posting it now. It’s called “When I Laid My Eyes On You,” and it’s rather symbolic of their work as a whole. Give it a chance.

DL: Paris – When I Laid My Eyes On You

Daily B: Bickering Idiots

Daily B: Bickering Idiots

According to news reports from X17Online, Britney has officially filed a



Introducing something you’ve probably seen before but in many different

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