Last night, Queen Kelegendary Clarkson took to the stage of Saturday Night Live for the third time in her career to perform two cuts off of her latest incredible LP released back in October, Stronger.

Naturally, the performances were simply killer and Clarkson’s vocals were oh so spot on, including (arguably) her best live rendition yet of “What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger)” and a thoroughly gorgeous performance of Stronger‘s lead single, “Mr. Know It All.” (No honky-tonk interpretations of the song ever again, okay K. Clarks?)

A great job, as per usual. There’s just a few short days before Queen Clarkson embarks on the Stronger Tour. I’m SO pumped to see her slay Radio City in two weeks…I’m already trembling at the thought!

Watch both of the performances below the cut!

kel-sat1 by mjsbigblog

kel-sat2 by mjsbigblog