A few weeks ago, we learned that Queen Nicola Roberts, Holy Ruler of All Things Ginger And Free Of Flaw, was going to release “Yo-Yo” as the third single from her incredible debut, Cinderella’s Eyes, in January.

Normally, a new single from Queen Roberts would be something that’s already exciting enough as it is–but she just had to take it a step further: Roberts announced that she would also be releasing a solo version of one of Girls Aloud‘s best, most underrated cuts in their entire catalog as a B-side: “Memory Of You.” So then everybody was just sort of like…

Well, “Yo-Yo” dropped this week (which you can now order as a a signed physical edition, or via iTunes), as did Roberts’ rendition of “Memory Of You”–and although nothing could ever top the original, it’s all the pure icy disco deliciousness we had hoped and dreamed it would be.

Nicola Roberts – “Memory Of You”

When she’s not doing the whole brilliant/grating ’40’s warbly thing, Roberts possesses a wonderfully chilly vocal delivery style, making her take on the pulsing Girls Aloud B-side an utterly lush production.

I still don’t know why there are twenty-five electric angels dancing in the rain, I still don’t know why there’s ice cream shooting lasers in the sky, and I still don’t know if sheep count us when they can’t sleep at night. (Believe me, I’ve tried asking…they’ve all got bah-d attitudes.)

However, I do know that this is still one of the best things I’ve ever heard, ever.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to get lost in Japan now.


“Yo-Yo” was released on January 8. (iTunes UK)