Rihanna and Nicola Roberts Are Launching A Fashion TV Show Together In The UK

Yes, you read that correctly. What? Yes! No, I know. Stop crying. I can’t believe it either. Just–here, keep reading.

Illuminati Thug Life Tattoo-Having Navy Commander Princess Rihanna and Queen Ginge Nicola Fucking Roberts are launching a fashion talent search together for Sky Living HD in the UK.

RiRi, who is executive producing AND appearing in this production, has enlisted none other than Girls Aloud‘s Nicola to seek out up-and-coming fashion designers for a 10-week competition to find the next best British talent.

From Sky Living:

The show will celebrate the extraordinary talent and creativity in the British fashion scene. With Rihanna, a fashion icon herself, and Nicola, who created her own Dainty Doll make-up range, at the helm, the show will recognise the increasing influence popstars have on mainstream trends.

With her world-class reputation and passion for style, Rihanna is perfectly placed to find an aspiring designer worthy of the chance to break into the hugely competitive world of fashion. Tasking Nicola with fronting the search, Rihanna will be heavily responsible for casting and will be involved in editing post-production.

Rihanna – who has sold 20 million albums – will also be hands-on as the programme showcases Britain’s most promising fashion designers. Over ten weeks the unknown designers will be challenged by Rihanna and Nicola to create outfits for a string of musicians and celebrities.

The final challenge and ultimate task for the winner will be to design a unique stage outfit for Rihanna’s Wireless performance in Hyde Park in July 2012.

Honestly, this is kind of the greatest thing I’ve ever heard of in my entire life. Like…Project Runway gone RiRi? Will challenges include finding the right material for hip twerking and cake baking? Will Nicola Roberts beat her drum and toss Dainty Doll foundation at contestants as they’re booted off the show? WILL THEY BE PERFORMING TOGETHER?! I’m getting faint.

The show is now taking applications, so if you’re as good with a needle as you are with a bag of flour and some icing, click here for all the details.

This news makes me feel like…

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