No, it’s not Blake Lewis’ new CD. Looks a lot like it though, doesn’t it?

This is Kaskade. He is currently promoting his fourth solo album release. His Wiki says that he is a Mormon DJ. I’m not sure if thats supposed to affect his beat making, but it sure hasn’t inhibited his selection of music to remix (Paris Hilton? Really?) You may have heard the name from the songs he’s remixed, including Britney’s “Gimme More” and Justin’s “LoveStoned.” But Kaskade has a solo career of his own dontchaknow, and it’s very nice. His album, Love Mysterious, is full of club-ready hits and bright electro-anthems. I’ve uploaded a few samples: He sounds a bit like Junkie XL lite with “The X,” an intergalactic, floating dance track, while the mood moves jazzy with “Distance.” “4 AM” is mesmerizing, like a track off of Goldfrapp’s Supernature.
“Be Still” is probably the strongest track, featuring guest vocals by a lady going by the name of Sunsun. The actual song goes back and forth from intimate guitar strumming to sweeping dance beats, but it’s the tender vocals floating above make it difficult to ignore and tempting to sing along with.

Check em’ out below:

DL: Kaskade – 4 AM
DL: Kaskade – Distance
DL: Kaskade – The X
DL: Kaskade – Be Still

And you, what do you think?