Looks like working on Madonna‘s upcoming album isn’t the only thing M.I.A.‘s got on her mind lately.

The always innovative London-born singer-songwriter is currently preparing to release “Bad Girls,” the Danja-produced (Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake) cut off of her truly sensational (and free!) 2011 mixtape, Vicki Leekx. (I’m still strutting/mean mugging down the street to “Gen -N-E-Y” on a daily basis.)

The full song will premiere on Monday, January 30 on Pitchfork, while the Romain Gavras-directed video (who also did the terrifying “Born Free” ginger genocide video, eep!) will premiere on February 3 at Vice.

The official single cover for the song is featured above. Clearly, M.I.A. hasn’t let up on her love affair with her 1996 Geocities-inspired, eye-gauge worthy aesthetic as of late. Oh Maya, you controversial figure, you!

But seriously, this beat bumps hard. I’m so excited for M.I.A. to come back with power, power!

My chain hits my chest when I’m banging on the radio…