Nothing and everything has happened in the land of the Sugababes: The first incarnation of the group (Siobhan Donaghy, Keisha Buchanan and Mutya Buena) is reuniting, Heidi Range is busy twirling on Dancing on Ice, and Jade Ewen is busy painting Egyptian Queens and letting “Punching Out” just sit there and go to waste.

And as for Amelle Berrabah? Well, she’s heading into the studio…alone.

After launching an Official Amelle Berrabah Facebook page for herself earlier this week, the Suga songstress been tweeting about heading into the studio with Pete Kirtley, the UK producer responsible for “Now You’re Gone” on the Sugababes’ Taller In More Ways and “Strung Out,” which is featured on Mutya Buena’s solo album, Real Girl.

From Twitter:

According to what I’ve been told from a close source, the lead single will be produced by Kirkley, who’s also acting as the main producer for the project. Still no word yet on when we’ll hear the new tunes this year, however.

Regardless of her new solo ambitions, Berrabah insists the Sugababes are still very much in tact, so it seems the ladies are pulling an Aloud and busying themselves with solo projects during their hiatus.

Whether or not they’ll stay together as the Sugababes once the original trio finally re-launch? Well, that’s a whole otha’ spoonful of suga.