Not every producer knows how to make EDM feel, but Morgan Page does.

It’s been a minute (three years, to be exact) since the producer’s last studio album In the Air, which gave us “Body Work” with Tegan & Sara and, of course, “In The Air” with Angela McCluskey, Sultan & Ned Shepard and BT — still one of the best dance songs in recent memory.

He’s back this week with “Open Heart,” featuring singer-songwriter Lissie, the first single from his upcoming album, DC To Light.

This is hardly the first time Page has teamed up with Lissie. In fact, they’ve collaborated many times before, including “The Longest Road,” “Strange Condition” and “Fight For You.” Each time, it’s proven to be a special pairing, and this one’s no exception.

The throbbing production is nice, and of course there are plenty of beat drops and whatnot for the festival goers, but the true greatness of the track lies in Lissie’s emotional delivery.

Open your heart, like a wise #RebelHeart once said.

“If you need to take time when you make up your mind, I will be here…”

“Open Heart (feat. Lissie)” was released on February 24. (iTunes)