Before Madonna set the arena ablaze during her half time performance at last night’s Super Bowl XLVI, Queen Kelly Clarkson took to the field to kick off the game with a performance of the national anthem.

Backed by a massive children’s choir, the powerhouse chanteuse absolutely knocked it out of the park–err, arena! Not only did she look gorgeous, but she sounded incredible, delivering a thoroughly melodic, controlled performance of the song. Then again: Who’s surprised? She always nails it.

As for something slightly more out of left field (all this sports references–dad’s going to be so proud!): Earlier in the weekend, Kelly also performed a cover of Madonna’s “Crazy For You” (!) as the fan request during her show in Bossier City. While we already knew Dumb + Dumb = You, we can now confirm that Kelly + Madonna = SO MUCH WIN.

Really! It’s absolutely gorgeous. So romantic, so sweetly-sung…le swoon.

Check out Mizz Clarkson slaying the anthem above, and check out a video from the audience during her cover of “Crazy For You” below!

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