Queen Kesha has opened up about her stay in rehab at the start of 2014 in an essay featured in the August issue of Elle UK (the one with Chezza on the cover).

It’s an incredibly honest and candid piece, from acknowledging her issues with weight growing up, to outlining the details of her treatment to calling out misconceptions about her persona (she’s more talented than she lets on) and the industry’s sexist and impossibly high standards of beauty for women in pop.

My favorite part of the whole thing, though, comes at the very end, as Kesha acknowledges that seeking treatment doesn’t automatically ‘fix’ a problem — a refreshing and more realistic observation — but still vows to be “part of the solution.”

I’m not fully fixed — I am a person in progress, but I want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Even I need to be reminded that we are who we are. And when I say that, I fucking mean it, now more than ever.

I teared up at the end — I’ll admit it.

Go read excerpts over at Idolator and, for a lighter pick-me-up, enjoy this wonderful Instagram video that the Warrior goddess posted last night, in which she shows off her luscious lilac locks (#HairPorn) on loop, looking completely radiant while doing so.