Earlier this evening, Lana Del Rey made her much-buzzed about (what does she do that isn’t buzzed about?) appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman following the fall-out from her performance on Saturday Night Live (which, as I maintain, wasn’t bad to begin with).

But this time around, she objectively nailed it.

Backed by a piano player and a small string section, the ever-enchanting songstress delivered a studio-perfect rendition of “Video Games,” the lead single off of Born To Die. Really…just mesmerizing vocals!

You’ve got to love the palpable sigh of relief from the audience, Letterman and Lana herself immediately following the performance–a collective: “Well, that wasn’t so bad at all!” Because, you know, she’s actually amazing.

A truly lovely job, Lana! Haters, go play your video games.

Born To Die was released on January 31. (iTunes)