Daily B: Okay, So This Britney on X Factor Thing May Actually Be Happening

It’s been a while…

Our Lady Godney has been really enjoying herself in 2012: Developing game-changing game changers, rubbing Olympian elbows and looking glamorous and gorgeous at pre-parties for The Grammy Awards (despite the fact that they’re entirely corrupt and snub her on a yearly basis.)

At the same time, there’s been dozens o’ rumors floating around regarding her next moves in 2012: A Modern Family cameo, A reoccurring role on Smash, and even a potential judging slot on US X Factor.

Now, like Lindsay, I don’t really care for rumors. The worst part of a Britney musical hiatus (aside from, you know, the whole musical hiatus bit) is the sheer amount of rumors that start floating around to pass the time. But in the case of X Factor, this rumor might just be more than a few bored stans in a forum.

Things started getting serious when UK X Factor judge Louis Walsh confirmed in an interview with Craig Doyle that the Holy Spearit was in talks with Simon Cowell regarding a potential judging position back in February.

Then, earlier this week, Ryan Seacrest asked X Factor executive producer Andrew Llineras if Brit was on deck for the position, to which he weirdly avoided answering the question, saying: “There’s a lot of rumors out there. There’s Britney is an exciting name, there’s a lot of other exciting names in the frame. But as soon as we know, we’re going to let everybody know.”

Tonight, the greatest evidence yet: An exclusive tip-off from the almost always reliable Hollywood Reporter:

Britney Spears is nearing a deal to serve as judge on next season’s The X Factor, a well-placed source tells The Hollywood Reporter. Spears’ fiance, agent Jason Trawick, is negotiating the contract which could be signed as soon as next week.

Recently, reports surfaced that the pop superstar was interested in joining the panel, but according to an insider, it was show creator Simon Cowell who made the initial approach. Spears is signed to Sony Music’s RCA Records, which absorbed her original label Jive in 2011 and has exclusive music rights to X Factor artists.

So it’s basically 100% confirmed: There have been negotiations, and the ball’s in Brit’s (and Jason’s) court to finalize the decision. INSANE!

So what do I think about B on X?

Personally, I love seeing my Brit Brit any time, any place: I love watching her perform on stage, I love watching her music videos, I love watching her go to award shows, I love watching her walk through Target in platform flip-flops and a cowboy hat. There’s really no cap on the Brit-o-meter for me. Naturally then, I’d love to see B on the X Factor!

If there was anything that I’m “meh” about with Britney being on the show, it’s the fact that she’s just such an adorable goofball. The words “cool” and “fun” and “aw, you’re sweet!” are sort of her main go-to phrases for, well…everything. And even though we all know that a single “cool” from Britney Spears is literally a more life-affirming seal of approval than a Nobel Peace Prize, I fear that the press could (potentially) be mean about her pretense-free charm.

Still, I could be worrying for nothing! I probably am! Most likely, this will only continue to prove to the world how iconic, free-of-all-flaw and legendary the Holy Spearit truly is, and she’ll be cast in the same positive, silly, cool light as the only other pop star to truly make a splash for all the right reasons on X Factor: Madame Cheryl Cole.

With all that being said, I’m so totally in and ready to support my Queen (as ALWAYS) if she really inks the deal. In closing…

Cheryl, what do you think?

How ’bout you, Legendtina?

And you, Nicole?

Perfect! We’re all in then! Now sign that deal, Brit Brit! The sooner you do, the sooner we can watch you say…

(The above comes from a 2011 interview with KIIS FM in the UK, in which she’s asked if
she’d ever be a judge on X Factor. Watch her actual response!)

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